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At last! The last day of the Spring Term (yes, I note the irony in this as I peer out the window at the snow still lying on the ground) and two blissful weeks of peace beckon. Or, to put … Continue reading

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Edible missiles

Throughout my teaching career I’ve encountered children who throw things at others, sometimes at other children, sometimes at staff. Naively, I’ve assumed that the problem lay squarely with the children involved – they had bad manners, low social skills or … Continue reading

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Never enough time!

I’ve been very lax with this blog. I started with the best of intentions, but life and all its other commitments somehow got in the way. I noticed recently, that although I’ve written posts, I haven’t actually published them and … Continue reading

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A return to rote?

There has been much discussion of late, about the merits (or otherwise) of rote learning. Michael Gove has announced that this forms the basis of some of his new NC visions, but there are many detractors of it. In response … Continue reading

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Strike! Strike!

Apparently the teaching unions have announced strike action again. The article states that this is being proposed due to: salary freezes increased pension contributions rising workload performance related pay These are all things that worry teachers today. They’d worry anyone … Continue reading

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