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Unsatisfactory lesson observation – looking back with new eyes

As the weather let me down at the weekend, I decided to tackle some of the jobs that I’d successfully been putting off for a while, although they really needed doing. One of these was sorting through the box of … Continue reading

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Is Shelby unique?

Following on from a comment by Steve in response to my post about Shelby, I wonder how many teachers encounter unacceptable behaviour from their pupils? Most, if not all, will encounter verbal abuse and swearing, and some will be unfortunate … Continue reading

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“Shelby doesn’t do Supply”

Today I met Shelby. If you’ve ever been to the school I was at, I’m sure you’ll have met Shelby too. In fact, I imagine every teacher within a ten-mile radius has met Shelby. Supply work is always thin on … Continue reading

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You want lunch?!

I’ve heard about it, of course, but so far I’ve been lucky enough to escape experiencing it. Until today, at least. Being booked for a day’s cover in an academy isn’t new to me, one school I used to work … Continue reading

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Do we really have high expectations of our students? Or is it just talk? Part One: Behaviour.

Following my post yesterday, Tabularasaeducation has the same thoughts. Definitely worth reading.

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That explains it…

My brother and sister-in-law came round for dinner last night. After the usual catch-up and gossip, talk turned to work. We have a slight interest in each other’s jobs in the sense that we both have to deal with the … Continue reading

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