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Never exclude?

I recently read this piece in the Guardian by Bergistra, a primary head working in a deprived area. The title of the piece “We can’t exclude any child … because sometimes school is all they really have”, is somewhat misleading. … Continue reading

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Q: Why are so many education bloggers anonymous?

A: Because they wish to keep their jobs. There has been much debate about the ethics of being an anonymous blogger. Are people using the cloak of anonymity because they are being lazy, embellishing the truth, or merely being sly? … Continue reading

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Leon’s Reality

“You are responsible for the engagement of students in your class.” “If you plan well, all students will be engaged.” “If a child is distracted in your lesson it’s because you were not teaching in an engaging way.” “If you … Continue reading

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A half-day pay

Today I had a half-day booking. Increasingly, I find that schools are booking supply teachers only for the lessons that need covering. I can understand why this is from the school’s point of view, but it makes the supply teacher’s … Continue reading

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A good way to start the week

As a supply teacher I expect to encounter poor behaviour. It’s usually regarded as one of the downsides of the job, pupils will take advantage of the fact that the supply teacher doesn’t know their names, and possibly isn’t very … Continue reading

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Seven Things All Politicians Should Know About Education

Originally posted on Scenes From The Battleground:
I find much of the contribution from politicians to the education debate in this country utterly pointless. So many political types simply do not realise how the system works or what is going…

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Despite my occupation

Yesterday I had to ‘babysit’ some Year 11 boys. They had been withdrawn from their class, but, by the start of the lesson, no cover work had been set. I was told that this would be sent over shortly. The … Continue reading

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