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The mantle of the expert

Last night there was a big debate on Twitter about the usefulness (or otherwise) of the Mantle of the Expert. If you’re unfamiliar with this idea / theory / technique, there’s a lot of information on the website Mantle of … Continue reading

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A little balance

Sometimes it seems as though I only write about the negative aspects of teaching, but if things really were a constant diet of doom and gloom, I wouldn’t be doing this job. I’ve written about one particular day which turned … Continue reading

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Primary Bloggers

I have recently taken a break from blogging due to ‘real life’ commitments, but although I didn’t have time to write, I still found time to read some educational blogs, as well as occasionally look at Twitter. One topic that … Continue reading

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And all for the want of a horseshoe nail

Yesterday I had the dubious honour of returning to a school I taught in for a few days last term. I say honour because the school asked my agency for me specifically, and the head repeated this a number of … Continue reading

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