A little balance

Sometimes it seems as though I only write about the negative aspects of teaching, but if things really were a constant diet of doom and gloom, I wouldn’t be doing this job.

I’ve written about one particular day which turned out to be unexpectedly good in my post A good way to start the week. And it’s true, it really was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

But I don’t want to leave it at just one post, there have been many, many more good days, and I think I should reflect that a little more in my blog, thus bringing a little more balance to it. Today was one such day.

I was sent to cover a nursery class at short notice. Nursery is completely out of my comfort zone as a teacher, but very young children can be completely charming in a rather unpredictable way, so although I wouldn’t make it my first choice, it can be an enjoyable experience.

The staff were helpful, informative and extremely understanding when I told them that I normally teach much older pupils, but I was going to do my best, and I would appreciate their input so the day would run smoothly for the children. The pupils were fun, polite, inquisitive and infectiously glad to be there. So much so, that I began to think that perhaps Early Years was worth doing more often, despite the pressures of very dependent children.

I walked out the school happy, glad that I’d had the opportunity to see pupils before they became disillusioned with the whole schooling behemoth, wishing that it was a state that they never lost. Perhaps, for some, that is true, but too many children lose that wish to learn, just when they need to have it the most.

Writing this, I’m inwardly smiling again. Days such as this may not be the norm, but they’re more common than my blog may imply. And I know I’ll have another day like it very soon – I’m going back there tomorrow!

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