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Lado has a problem

“Hello Miss, sorry to bother you at lunchtime, only Lado came to see me after he left your lesson.” “Yes?” Who are you? Where did Lado go after he stormed out of the classroom? “Sorry, you are…?” “I’m Mrs Ali, … Continue reading

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The 23-point behaviour policy

It’s important for a school to have a behaviour policy, it’s important for both the children and the staff as well as the coherent running of the school. It’s also important that it works. I spent today in a primary … Continue reading

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Leon’s Reality

“You are responsible for the engagement of students in your class.” “If you plan well, all students will be engaged.” “If a child is distracted in your lesson it’s because you were not teaching in an engaging way.” “If you … Continue reading

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“Shelby doesn’t do Supply”

Today I met Shelby. If you’ve ever been to the school I was at, I’m sure you’ll have met Shelby too. In fact, I imagine every teacher within a ten-mile radius has met Shelby. Supply work is always thin on … Continue reading

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Do we really have high expectations of our students? Or is it just talk? Part One: Behaviour.

Following my post yesterday, Tabularasaeducation has the same thoughts. Definitely worth reading.

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That explains it…

My brother and sister-in-law came round for dinner last night. After the usual catch-up and gossip, talk turned to work. We have a slight interest in each other’s jobs in the sense that we both have to deal with the … Continue reading

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Edible missiles

Throughout my teaching career I’ve encountered children who throw things at others, sometimes at other children, sometimes at staff. Naively, I’ve assumed that the problem lay squarely with the children involved – they had bad manners, low social skills or … Continue reading

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