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“Shelby doesn’t do Supply”

Today I met Shelby. If you’ve ever been to the school I was at, I’m sure you’ll have met Shelby too. In fact, I imagine every teacher within a ten-mile radius has met Shelby. Supply work is always thin on … Continue reading

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You want lunch?!

I’ve heard about it, of course, but so far I’ve been lucky enough to escape experiencing it. Until today, at least. Being booked for a day’s cover in an academy isn’t new to me, one school I used to work … Continue reading

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Do we really have high expectations of our students? Or is it just talk? Part One: Behaviour.

Following my post yesterday, Tabularasaeducation has the same thoughts. Definitely worth reading.

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Edible missiles

Throughout my teaching career I’ve encountered children who throw things at others, sometimes at other children, sometimes at staff. Naively, I’ve assumed that the problem lay squarely with the children involved – they had bad manners, low social skills or … Continue reading

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